Golly, the Guitarist and Bandleader, who has known Paul for many years was invited to his 40th Birthday Party.

Paul told him, that his brother had bought him a trip to Memphis and how he really loved "Vintage Rock n Roll" and would love to sing with a Band. So Golly invited him down to a rehearsal the following week.

Paul came along and sang a couple of "Old Rockers" he was in key and his timing was perfect, the Band members thought, maybe this young lad has got something.

He came along the following week, did a few more numbers and at that point we decided to go ahead and form another Band, namely "The Paul Hayes Collection" and within a few weeks we were "Up and Running"

Paul started out working in his Fathers Antique shop , then got an opportunity to work in television, where he is now a household name as a TV celebrity and Antiques Expert appearing regularly on programmes such as Cash In The Attic, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And many more. In between his busy filming schedule, he somehow finds the time to hit the stage for an extremely energetic evening of singing.

Since Then "The Paul Hayes Collection" have achieved a lifelong ambition.

After being spotted, playing a local gig, a promoter rang up asking if they would like to be backing Band for "James Burton" on his forthcoming visit to the UK (August 2011) They didn't need to be asked twice, James has been Golly's hero since his schooldays. James was Ricky Nelsons guitarist, before he went with Elvis.

So they played the dates, but even better, they were asked to tour, as backing and support Band on the "James Burton / Albert Lee Tour" the following year. Any musician will tell you "It doesn't get better than that" Other fulfilled ambitions, 5 dates at "The Cavern" Liverpool, the most famous club in the world, A tour with "Eric Faulkner" backing and support.

Performing all the Rock & Roll classics from the 50 & 60's. With outstanding musicians and the infectious energy & superb vocals from front man Paul this band all perform for the same reasons "THEY LOVE THE MUSIC" and just want to get out and play . They sound pretty good to!