Robert auditioned in London singing Robbie William’s ‘Angels’ and ‘Mustang Sally’.

Simon said “jack of all trades audition. Quite good at anything but not brilliant at much. Intro song was best – yes”,

Louis said “rough diamond, liked the voice, but didn’t like the song choice”

and Sharon said “you didn’t perform first song - but yes”. 

On the first day of Bootcamp Robert sang The Beatles track ‘Let It Be’. The panel all really liked him. Mark Hudson commented on the fact that “he wants it so much” and that he didn’t come across as cocky. 

On the second day of Bootcamp Robert sang Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’. He had to re-start the song three times and asked the Judges to forgive him. Adrian Williams said “I loved him yesterday, and although he messed up I love his voice. It’s a shame”. Sharon said she was frustrated and disappointed that he messed up but said he could really hit those notes. Sharon also described him as a likeable guy. Mark Hudson said that “if he does the work he can really sing, but he can’t make excuses – as some point he will have to dance as well as sing at the same time.” 

At Judges Houses Robert sang Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’.