When auditioning for the X Factor The Unconventionals had only been together for 2 months after Drew decided to form a group that sounded great, but didn’t visibly conform to what every other group looks like. 

Drew and Andrew have known each other since 1990 when they both performed at a charity gig. They now both work together at the London Palladium, Drew is an usher and Andrew works in front of house sales. 

Liz was brought into the group after working with Drew on the musical Grease where they played boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Nicola and Lucy met Drew from their time working on the Boy George musical Taboo. 

Tom is the only member that was unknown to most of the group. He is Nicola’s boyfriend. 

They have only had one performance of note, a charity performance at the night club Too 2 Much. The group have all dreamed of making it in the music/musical theatre industry but it has never quite happened. They see The X Factor as being an opportunity to fulfill that dream. They know they’re a mismatch of people and not the usual ‘pop’ act but they hope that The X Factor can give them their chance.