Dionne auditioned in London singing ‘Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin.

Simon said “overdressed, not a good song choice but yes”,

Louis said “on the fence but I think yes”

and Sharon said “on the fence. Strong voice – yes”. 

When Dionne found out Sharon was her mentor she was really worried and shed a few tears about it. She thought that Sharon was the least positive of the three judges about her singing.

On the first day of Bootcamp Dionne sang The Beatles track ‘Come Together’. Sharon thought she had a great personality. 

On the second day of Bootcamp Dionne sang ‘Without You’ by Mariah Carey. Mark Hudson said “he loved her presentation and that “he couldn’t take his eyes of her” He said she seemed like a completely different person. Adrian Williams agreed with Mark saying she looked great, Sharon however was not sure if the public would warm to her. 

At Judges Houses Dionne sang ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ by Tina Turner. She stopped mid-way, so Sharon told her to take five minutes out and then come back in. During this time Dionne broke down in the holding area. Sharon and her panel were disappointed with her first attempt and commented on the fact that she seemed petrified of performing. 

When she performed the second time Sharon was really impressed but her main concern was if she could cope with the studio. Mark loved her voice and liked her melody, but was also worried about her nerves. Adrian loved her voice too. 

Dionne was in tears for the result. But screamed for joy when she got a yes.