The Rodeo bull/Bucking Bronco is always a winner at any event. The ride always provides as much amusement for the spectators as it does the for the rider.

The Rodeo Bull, which is also known as a Bucking Bronco hire or a mechanical bull is great for a laugh and can be used by both adults and children. The Rodeo Bull spins, bucks and rotates giving all who dare ride hours of fun. To ensure safety for all those who ride the Rodeo Bull simulator, it has a large inflatable surrounding it. The good thing about the Rodeo Bull is that it always provides as much, if not more, fun and amusement for the actual spectators as it does for the rider.The Rodeo Bull is always watched and fully controlled by on of our highly experienced operators, who is able to adjust the rotation, speed and bucking of the Rodeo Bull and this is why there is no problem for the kids to have a go and join in the fun.