Donovan put the band together just over a year ago, after getting Kriss to sing to him down the telephone. Jermaine and Andrew are mutual friends and joined the group at the same time. 

Dionne auditioned in London singing ‘Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin.

Britain's Got Talent - Kate & Gin. Sensational act that can only be described as truly magical.

Nikitta auditioned in Glasgow singing ‘Drift Away’ by Dobie Gray. All three Judges were very impressed by her.

Robert auditioned in London singing Robbie William’s ‘Angels’ and ‘Mustang Sally’.

Britain's Got Talent - The Runners Up gave a heart wrenching performance leaving the audience wanting more.

Craig and Brian live with their mum and dad and have a half brother from their dad’s previous relationship. 

When auditioning for the X Factor The Unconventionals had only been together for 2 months after Drew decided to form a group that sounded great, but didn’t visibly conform to what every other group looks like.