This Agency acts as an "Employment Agency" in this transaction
Clubland Entertainment Ltd. Terms & Conditions


This is written confirmation of the verbal agreement already agreed & entered into by the Artiste and Hirer or their representatives, therefore failure to sign & return this contract does not in itself constitute a cancellation.

This office is NOT an introductory agency. ANY re-engagement with the Artiste/ hirer or any bookings as a direct result of the fulfillment of engagement detailed overleaf shall be deemed to have been negotiated through this office & be subject to the same rate of commission when the re-engagement is made within twelve months of the last appearance, no matter whether completed or not.

Clubland Entertainments Ltd is not responsible for non fulfilment or contract or actions whatsoever, by the hirer or artistes, but every reasonable safeguard is assured. In the event of illness or accident, resulting in the artiste being unable to fulfill the engagement, a medical certificate is requested within four working days of cancellation. Cancellations will not be accepted if left on an answering service. Booking fee's and deposits are not refundable in the event of a cancellation.

Any cancellation request must be made in writing to Clubland Entertainments Ltd by recorded delivery. Clubland Entertainments Ltd is entitled to charge 15% of the performance fee, should either artiste or hirer request cancellation.

In the unlikely event that the artiste requests cancellation, Clubland Entertainments Ltd will endeavor to find a suitable replacement and inform the hirer as soon as possible. Should the hirer request cancellation it is at the discretion of the Artiste to request full or part payment. Should the artiste mitigate their loss by securing another engagement this fee will be offset against the original fee and any balance to be made up by the hirer.

Clubland Entertainments Ltd reserve the right to terminate without any notice any future bookings/contracts where the artiste is in breach of any previous contract and or payment of commission to Clubland Entertainments Ltd is overdue. All accounts with an outstanding balance in excess of 14 days will be subject to an account administration fee of £5.00 towards the increased administration expense. The account administration fee will be applied for an additional period of 14 days that the account remains overdue to a maximum of 28 days; Whereupon the overdue account will be referred to the County Court after a 7 day warning letter is issued.

It is understood that the artists and venues hold adequate Public Liability Insurance

& that all electrical equipment has been tested to appropriate regulations le: PAT testing certificate.

Clubland Entertainments Ltd act as negotiators to this agreement only.