Beer for Breakfast are a professional four piece Irish and Ceili Band, who play a fantastic and lively range of real Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music, songs and tunes, as well as Celtic Rock and Country Rock & Roll.

Branka was born in Montenegro and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, where she began studying the harp when she was eight. 

A piper based in the Lake District , Colin plays the Galician (Spanish) pipes, which are a loud mouth-blown bagpipes similar to the Scottish pipes. 

Finnish born Joanna Maki has lived in London since 2000. She has performed with several highly regarded European orchestras and in 1998 was awarded 'Musician of the year' in Central Finland.

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If you need to hire a steel band for a wedding or a charity ball or a corporate event, then The Paradise Steel Band plays an intoxicating blend of Calypso, Reggae, and Contemporary music.

This highly experienced string quartet has over 500 dinner, cocktail party and wedding appearances to its credit.