With a passion for many genres of music, she covers classic 50/60’s tracks (which pleases a more mature clientele) right through to the latest hits to keep the younger ones happy too.  

From Country, Rock, Latin, Dance, Soul, Reggae, R&B to the most current chart hits, all styles are performed with ease and audiences warm to her whether they are dining or dancing, celebrating or just out for a good night’s entertainment.  

Inspired by music from her early years, Fiona hit the Clubland scene at the age of 15 working with live backing.  Having a wealth of experience performing everything from cocktail lounge music with duos and trios to original material with recording bands, Fiona can entertain small intimate restaurants through to large venues with equal ease. 

Lighting and special effects are provided creating an appropriate ambience for dancers and viewers alike.  This is maintained throughout the optional disco which is free at the end of regular gigs, but can be extended for a nominal extra charge.  As well as being booked as a singer, Fiona  can also be booked as a DJ for a full evening… for residencies and special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and annual parties.