Micky Diamond is an extremely talented male vocalist who now lives in Carlisle with his wife and 4 year old son.

Originally from the quiet town of Eastham on Merseyside, Micky has travelled all over the UK and gained a degree in The School Of Life. He is quite a character and comes from a very talented family ... his brother Chris goes by the stage-name of 'Ragamuffin' and is an established solo artist on Merseyside and also an acclaimed Bob Marley tribute! His father and uncle Oliver both boxed for England in the ABA's - and Micky once spent over an hour at Birmingham's NEC Arena talking to boxing legend John Conteh ... with John telling him how talented his father & uncle Oliver were in their heyday!!

Micky Diamond is no stranger to the spotlight these days having appeared on stage at over 1500 pubs, clubs and holiday centres all over the north of England & Scotland to fantastic acclaim. 

He started his singing career at Butlins, Bognor Regis way back in the '80s literally the 'hard way' (where on one special night Micky was actually chosen from a security squad of 24 to act as the late Roy Orbison's personal doorman whose duties included keeping the drunken nutters at bay and over-zealous lasses from entering The Big O's dressing room back-stage at a sell-out '60's festival there!!). He was also doorman for the late comic Mike Reid (Frank Butcher - Eastenders) in 1987 at Butlins for the entire season. Just last year Micky Diamond followed veteran comic Jimmy Cricket on-stage at a sell-out charity concert in Carlisle! One way or the other Micky was determined to be nearby if not centre-stage under the spotlight by hook or by crook!

Micky Diamond is a likeable, accomplished, experienced and versatile singer who can rise to any challenge and appeal to every audience with songs to suit all ages, tastes and occasions. There is even a family link to the late famous tenor & silver-screen legend Josef Locke who appeared on 'This Is Your Life' in the late '90s. Hence Micky's other pet-nickname on the entertainment circuit ... Micky "The Voice" Diamond!!