Born in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan during the time that soul ruled the airways and Motown music was 'the sound of young America'.

While watching the artists that paraded the streets of Detroit, Marvin had no illusions of being a star in his own right, even though his first cousins Jimmy and David Ruffin were in the forefront of the Motown Machine. Marvin was content with listening and sometimes even meeting some of the entertainers that happened to cross his path. Whether it was Stevie Wonder in the barber shop or Diana Ross in the supermarket, Marvin took it all in stride not knowing that someday he would share the same venues as these legendary artists. 

His first encounter with his yet to be discovered talent came at a school function with his sister Evelyn were he sang at a pep rally for the entire school to a thunderous applause. This triggers a spark in Marvin that burns to this day. 

It was Jimmy Ruffin who first took Marvin under his wing and proceeded to tell him of the ins and outs of the music business. Still this was not what Marvin wanted to do. Sure he recognized he had a talent, but he also saw the pitfalls of the record biz. But soon it took over and after singing in a couple of groups, Marvin knew where his destiny lies. Always remembering the phrase "don't quit your day job", Marvin became a Master mechanic, but kept a 4 piece band on the side to do weekend gigs and always keep that record deal in the back of his mind. 

Jimmy had moved to England and David was doing his solo career after leaving the Temptations, when Marvin started travelling, singing in Canada and places nearer to home like Ohio and Chicago. Motown had left Detroit and took many artists with them. Marvin decided to move to Atlanta Georgia. There he joined a band and continued his singing endeavours travelling the cittling circuit. He soon got a call from one of his former band members asking him if he wanted to come to the Spanish Canary Isles to work. After quitting his 9 to 5, Marvin moved to Tenerife in the Canaries and worked for a year before heading off to Japan for Two years working with a 7 piece band. 

That led to work in England after a friend submitted some of his work to a promoter in Liverpool, England. Since living in England Marvin has developed quite a following on the R&B circuit. Although he still does his cabaret act for clubs, weddings, etc., Marvin has opened up for "The Stylistics", Dionne Warwick, and been involved with the "Dancing in the Streets" tour with Martha Reeves. He represented the USA in 2002 at the Baltic song Festival where he was 3rd in the running of 10 countries. 

While always looking for new and challenging prospects, Marvin has now decided to do a tour on his own starting in March, 2006. He will be touring the whole of the U.K. and possibly Germany, Spain, and the USA.