If you are seeking something slightly different then Psychic Entertainment with one of the UK's best known mystics should fit the bill. 

This is a full 90 minute presentation of paranormal powers mixed in with good humour and often hilarious insights. 

After becoming a successful Spiritualist church platform medium in 1991, Gary has honed his talent to a fine art. He has blended his amazing psychic ability with his natural flair for entertaining audiences in theatres and other public auditoriums. 

Gary has consulted numerous stars of stage and screen including Coronation Street stars such as actor Ken Morley (Randy Reg). In his autobiography 'Knowledge is Power' Ken said that he was startled by the accuracy of his reading. Gary has also read for the Coronation Street actress Julie Goodyear (Bet Gilroy/ Bet lynch). Gary predicted over twelve months before the event that she would be awarded the MBE and receive it from the Queen herself. 

In 1998 Gary teamed up with popular T.V. personality Astrologer Russell Grant and fellow medium Billie Roberts to perform at the Beck Theatre in Hayes Middlesex. Critics acclaimed Gary's demonstration as being 'First Class'. TV personality Russell Grant stated that he thought Gary Dakin was a fine entertainer and said that his wit and audience control were a credit to him. 'His obvious gift leaves the audience baffled by the accuracy of information that Gary can give to a person that he has never set eyes on before'.