This Jake and Elwood Blues Two hoodlums who started out in May 2002 to entertain and re-act the moves and sounds from the 2 hit films in order to fulfil a 'Mission From God'. 

In their quest to entertain they have performed their show all over the world Sardinia, Corfu, Spain, Norway, Ibiza, Sardinia, Bahrain and all across the UK. 

The Birmingham Blues Brothers Performed Their show on the pitch at the Headingley Rugby Stadium Leeds on Sunday 7th October 2007 in front of 17,000 Rugby fans what a day. They also performed at Old Trafford Manchester on the rugby final day Saturday 13th October 2007 in the Man Utd village, as the show at Leeds went so well.

So com’on shake your Tailfeather with us and dance all the way home after a show you will never forget and remember folks 'Everybody Needs Somebody'.