As well as performing in the UK, Tracey has taken the show all over the world including: New York, New Zealand, Malaysia, Spain and Malta to name a few.

Whether performing in the UK or across the world; this very convincing and talented actress, combined with her superb live vocals, never fails to amaze or totally enthral her audience of admiring fans.

At present Tracey Shield is performing at some of the UK’s best venues. Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres and Cabaret venues across the country, constantly book and organise Celine Dion tribute evenings, of course starring the award winning Tracey Shield.

Celine Dion has a huge following of fans in the UK; many come to see this show whenever Tracey is in town. Tracey is also a big hit with her corporate clients and has performed all around the World for some of the biggest names including; Apple, Cadburys, Orange, Virgin Mobile, Canadian Commerce, Chrysler, Hilton, Grosvenor and Selfridges.

Celine Dion Tribute