Incredible Little Mix tribute act
One of the most exciting girl bands around. Utilising their incredible four-part harmonies and polished choreography, helping to ensure that girl-power stays alive and well.

As talented performers in their own right, each of the band members brings their own energy to the stellar act. Known for their high-energy tribute show, the group has performed across the country, electrifying crowds wherever they go. As one of the country’s rising stars in the world of tribute acts, the group is set to grace the stages of a number of large venues and festivals, including an appearance at this year’s Tribfest. In addition, the group continues to enjoy success as an exciting choice for corporate events and private occasions.
Performing a tribute show worthy of the original act, This tribute is sure to get any crowd up on their feet. Providing exciting entertainment for both young and old, the group looks set to become one of the country’s most iconic tribute acts.