With the mention of his name, all of us can instantly call to memory a picture of this legendary superstar.

Johnny Cash is many things to many people - a talented performer, songwriter, family man, artist, author, Bible scholar, and above all, a patriotic American (who didn't vote for George Bush!). 

CASH BACK walks an eerie line, bringing a legend back to life, and if you think he's just cashing in on another man's fame, you need to understand that everyone, especially CASH BACK loves the music of Johnny Cash. 

CASH BACK says, "I try to capture the heart behind the songs; I don't intend to be an impersonator putting on an act. That's what made Johnny Cash connect with audiences so well- an obvious passion for whatever he was singing. It's an honour to be able to pay tribute to this historic performer." 

Whether singing or just talking, CASH BACK sounds just like the Hall of Fame singer. The American tribute’s deep baritone has just the right amount of gruffy twang. If you close your eyes while he sings "Ring of Fire" you'd swear it was a recording. 

CASH BACK, again, is one of only a few Johnny Cash tributes that exist World Wide and is exclusively based in Scotland. His deep powerful baritone voice and picking of the acoustic guitar combine for an experience that will not soon be forgotten. His show is sure to get those boots scootin' and yehaaa's a hootin' and will bring the house down. It's time to Walk The Line.

Johnny Cash Tribute