You may have seen other Gaga Tributes, you may have seen costumes, dancers, choreography, pretense.... YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THIS SHOW!

This LADY GAGA TRIBUTE offers up her soul in one full throttle show dedicated to making your little heart pound.

The Opening to this show is likely to give you goose bumps as this tribute will thrill you with  AMAZING

vocal talents and moves that are the striking double of her idol..

Ever the professional; and with 15 years in the business and you can be assured this tribute never disappoints

The focus is her Voice. It's truly is scrumptious... But will kick your a*** at the same time.

BUT - if you see her picture we may have a debate on our hands.. she is undeniably a striking double of her idol.

Joined by her 2 fantastic Dancers in this fully choreographed show,From the moment she enters the stage, as the lady herself does, in her Monster Ball tour in full costume... I promise all little monsters will be; fixated, fanatic and free.

Through 'The Fame Monster' album on to 'Born this Way', Lisa really is the next best thing to the queen herself..

The End

Lady Gaga Tribute